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We are on a mission to uncomplicate the customer journey. As a team, we are motivated to solve great problems with smart solutions—to build something remarkable. We are passionate about what we do, and we enjoy doing it alongside others who motivate us and inspire us to be the very best we can be. Come join us!

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Why work at Autopilot?

About you

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You’re passionate about data, AI, analytics, martech and communication

Great benefits

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Always get paid above market value for your role, no matter your location.

Life at Autopilot

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Monthly town halls to keep you up to date and share our best work.

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You like to solve hard problems at a product centric organisation.

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Work from the office, or anywhere. We hire for timezone not location.

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Off-sites, demo days and hack-a-thons to keep advancing our skills.

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You want ownership and to be rewarded for the success of the business

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Take part in 3 annual company retreats e.g. Palm Cove, QLD.

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Weekly social events, chess tournaments and counter-strike.

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You want to belong to a team who values you for your contributions

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We help pay your bills. Claim up to $500 a quarter when working from home.

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Weekly team quiz with famous double or nothing prize hippo.

open positions

Open positions


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