Customer data platform

Unify your customer data and deliver personalized experience at scale

Bring together your customer, transactional and behavioral data from all of your data sources. Activate your audiences and deliver truly remarkable customer experiences.

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Connect all of your customer, transactional and behavioral data to have a single view of the customer

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Easily connect your customer data

Unify your customer data by connecting to all of your data sources without writing a line of code. Pre-built integrations allow you to get setup in minutes.

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Track the customer activities that matter

Track all important customer behaviors and transactions across the customer lifecycle. Segment and personalize based on customer activity.

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Connect custom data sources

Have a custom database, backend or ecommerce solution? Easily connect a custom data source to your CDP and unlock your data from any source using our API.

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Create custom activities

Add custom activities to represent important customer behavior and transactions you wish to track. E.g. Signed up, Purchased, Logged in.

Deliver a highly personalized experience with unified customer profiles and powerful segmentation

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A unified customer profile

See all of your customer data on a single customer profile. Unlock complete visibility into your customers to create a unique and personalized experience.

Segment across all of your customer data

Understand your customers beyond fields in a database. Easily segment across demographics, firmographics, geographical, behavioral and transactional data.

Target and grow the right audiences

Target the most important audiences across the customer lifecycle. Activate and grow your audiences with multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Make informed decisions with simple and visual customer data platform analytics

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Report across all of your customer data

With the power of reporting across all of your customer data, you can report on everything from website activity, to product activity, to new sales.

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All your metrics on a single dashboard

Having all your customer data in one place means all of your important metrics on a single dashboard. Get complete insight across the customer journey.

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Compare customer segments

Easily compare different customer segments by filtering reports based on customer, transactional and behavioral data.

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Act on customer engagement

Make decisions based on how engaged customers are at each lifecycle stage. Customize how engagement is calculated.

Unleash the power of CDP for your whole team

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Define target audiences across the customer lifecycle and personalize marketing campaigns. See the impact of marketing on revenue.

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Empower your whole team to make better decisions with data. Set goals and track key metrics with dashboards.

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Use powerful reporting and analytics to understand customers, answer hard questions and report on key business metrics.

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IT and developers

Empower teams throughout your organization with access to customer data with defined permissions. Use modern APIs to integrate.

Join thousands of brands delivering a better customer experience

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