Email marketing

Send beautiful branded emails your customers will actually open

Increase engagement rates with email marketing designed to be beautiful and personal.

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Deliver highly engaging emails

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Reach the inbox

With industry leading deliverability your emails will not only land in the inbox, but be opened by the people that matter.

Deliver dynamic content

Personalize and target content to specific audiences using merge tags and dynamic content widgets.

A/B test to improve conversions

Test which subject line, time, day and content leads to higher opens, clicks and conversions.

Design beautiful, responsive emails with a drag and drop editor that helps you stay on brand

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Design beautiful branded emails

A drag and drop editor allows you to easily achieve pixel perfect designs. Every email is responsive and ready for the mobile-first world.

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Enforce brand styles with brand book

Configure your colors, fonts, logo and styles in a single place and then watch as your templates magically adjust.

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Start from a template or save your own

Save time with templates. Start from a branded template or take the time to design your own and save them to use later.

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Precision design and style controls

Control padding, borders, shadows, colors, widths, columns and target specific to achieve any design.

Powerful and innovative features for email marketing professionals

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Schedule messages at the right time

Deliver email marketing campaigns at a scheduled time and date or use time zone based delivery to scheduled emails at the same time in every region.

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Use liquid to build dynamic emails

With full support for liquid and a robust data model for dynamic content, you can take email personalisation to a whole new level.

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AI subject line suggestions

Ensure your emails achieve the highest open rate possible with subject line suggestions written by AI.

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Understand message sentiment

Enable reactions to understand how well your content is received and get feedback directly from subscribers.

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Automatically add UTMs to email links

Say goodbye to manually adding UTMs to all of your URLs. Automatic UTMs on links do the work for you.

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Attribute revenue to every email sent

See the exact orders, revenue or MRR every email you send achieves with built in multi-touch revenue attribution.

Unleash the power of your customer data with one click integrations:

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