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Deliver a better pre and post sales customer experience and close more deals by creating connected, personalized experiences across all your channels.

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Send personalized messages and take action across the entire customer lifecycle. Autopilot for Pipedrive will help you close more deals and orchestrate a better sales and marketing experience for your customers.

With Pipedrive and Autopilot, you'll be able to:

  • Welcome new subscribers.

  • Nurture new subscribers into deals.

  • Onboard new customers.

  • Assign deals and activities to your sales team based on actions users take.

  • Retain and grow existing customers with highly personalized messages.

When you connect the Pipedrive data source, we sync all of your people, organizations and activities. We’ve included templates for Audiences, Dashboards, Reports and Playbooks to help you get started. The templates cover everything from detailed Pipedrive analytics dashboards, to playbooks that help nurture subscribers into customers.

All of your Pipedrive data connects to your customer data platform in Autopilot, which means you can easily ask questions like “which UTM campaign led to the most new deals?” or “which sales emails are most effective at progressing deals?”. All of your important data and metrics are now in the one place.

You also get access to powerful reporting and dashboards, which means you can create marketing funnels, cohort analysis, metrics and goals to motivate your entire team. Built in revenue attribution will allow you to see the MRR contribution of your marketing activities, from nurturing new subscribers to retaining existing customers. "



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