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Use your segment data to create personalized, multi-channel experiences across the entire customer lifecycle.


When you connect to Segment all of the customer data you collect from your web & mobile apps or servers gets sent directly to Autopilot. Once the data is in Autopilot, you can segment key audiences based on a huge range of filtering options, demographic, geographic, firmographic or behavioural. You can then use these audiences to send automated playbooks, custom build automated journey workflows, emails, and SMS to create personalized, multi-channel customer interactions. 

With Segment and Autopilot you'll be able to:

  • Build automated customer journey workflows with email, SMS, pop-ups and forms.

  • Trigger messaging from custom actions or events.

  • Automate welcome messages, onboarding, abandoned carts, sales playbooks and more.

  • Use prebuilt campaigns to create the most effective customer journeys. Emails are automatically styled like your website.

  • Use Autopilot’s AI to write high performing email subject lines, engaging SMS and email content.

  • Attribute revenue, you will be able to see the impact from your marketing campaigns.

  • Use BI reporting and dashboards to track key metrics.


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