Stay top of mind at every stage of the customer lifecycle

Your subscribers want to hear from you. Send content at a regular cadence that is personalized and targeted to the audiences that matter most.

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Share personalized content with your audiences at the right cadence

From lead nurturing to onboarding new customers playbooks allow you to send the right messages with a regular cadence based on customer actions.

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Focus on cadence without complication

Send messages with a regular cadence to your target audiences. Add content, drag and drop to designate priority and then switch it ON.

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Deliver messages at the right moment

Add filters to messages to designate when they can be sent. An onboarding step not completed? Automatically send a follow-up.

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Test messages and improve with AI

Use A/B testing to perfect email messages and improve conversion rates. Improve open rates with AI subject line suggestions.

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Automate repetitive tasks

Take away the busy work. Assign leads, create tasks, send notifications, tag and update fields all from your playbook.

Get results with detailed reports, analytics and revenue attribution

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Improve your message performance

Message analytics show you open rate, click rate, revenue and message sentiment. Test each message to improve performance.

Attribute revenue to every message

Show the impact of each message with multi-touch revenue attribution. See the exact revenue, orders and MRR being contributed.

Improve emails with sentiment scores

Get feedback on your email content using Reactions. Understand the content customers love and what needs improving.

Unleash the power of CDP for your whole team

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Define target audiences across the customer lifecycle and peronalize marketing campaigns. Prove the impact of marketing.

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Empower your whole team to make better decisions with data. Set goals and track key metrics with dashboards.

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Use powerful reporting and analytics to understand customers, answer hard questions and report on key business metrics.

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IT and developers

Empower teams throughout your organization with access to customer data with defined permissions. Use modern APIs to integrate.

Unleash the power of your customer data with one click integrations:

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