Reports and analytics

Answer hard questions. Make the right decisions.

Easily build reports to answer questions across the customer journey. Use data visualization to gain insights. Share reports to make data-driven decisions with your team.

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Empower your whole team to be data driven with visual and simple analytics

You don’t need a data scientist to be data driven. Allow your entire organization to easily build reports for the metrics that matter across the customer journey.

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Understand your customers

Develop a deeper understanding of your customers with simple and visual reporting your whole team can use.

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Set goals and measure success

Achieve your goals by sharing progress across your whole team. Close the goal rainbow and celebrate your success.

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Optimize conversions

Visualize each stage of the customer journey with funnels and cohorts. Optimize the experience at every stage to increase conversions.

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Improve the customer experience

Understand customer sentiment and experience across the whole journey. Take action to improve the customer experience.

A comprehensive reporting, analytics and business intelligence solution for your team

Reports are incredible easy to create, yet extremely powerful. Create reports that span customer, transactional and behavioral data across your CDP.

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Report across all of your customer data

Build reports that show the customer journey all the way from clicking a Google ad, to signing up to becoming a customer.

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Detailed campaign and message analysis

Understand which messages and channels are most effective with detailed custom reporting across all campaigns.

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Advanced, yet simple report building

Calculate AVGs, SUM activities, calculate ratios and group data by attributes. Simple reporting doesn't have to mean simple capabilities.

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9 unique ways to visualize your data

Visualize your data with pie, line, column, cohorts, funnels, geo, metric, tables and ledgers. Get inspiration from built in templates.

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Share reports like Google docs

Easily share a report on Slack or via email with a simple share link. Giving team members and investors access to reports.

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Geographical visualizations

See where activity is happening across the world with geographical visualizations. Watch pins drop on a map as activity happens.

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